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Northside Community Center

The Northside Community Center is open to all our community members. We encourage our local seniors and families to seek and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We ensure that the environment, activities, and programs are stimulating, challenging, and inviting. We provide a safe, open, and inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome. We are the place to be for social outlets!

Madison Senior Citizens, Inc.

Mission Statement
The Northside Community Center Treasures Madison’s older individuals as an important community resource, it provides opportunities for continued education, recreation, and socialization and promotes an independent lifestyle through information assistance on health promotion, nutrition and transportation.

Board Members:

Cindy Masur- President
Rose Ann Kohl- Vice President
Sharon Deets- Secretary
Dave Plugge- Treasure
Jeff Freudenburg
Joyce Melcher
Marvis Wilcox
Vaughn Stiles
Steve Wolverton

Center Staff:

Turena Bauer- Manager
Geri Reevses- Assistant Manager
Janel Klawitter- Cook
Jolene Stueckrath- Dishwasher
Emily Freudenburg- Janitor

Contact: Turena Bauer
Phone: (402) 454-2121
Office: (402) 454-3927
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