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The City of Madison Library is a jewel in our community, providing access to excellent traditional library resources, such as books and reference materials, along with a variety of programs for youth and their families.

The City of Madison Public Library is located at 204 West 3rd Street in Madison (connected to City Hall & City of Madison Museum), it was built in 1999. Since then it has gone through a complete transformation. The renovation process included: new carpet, new paint, new floor plan (2012), and new library shelving (2015). The Madison Public Library also provides its community members ten (10) public access computers, four (4) children’s computers, free high-speed wi-fi, magazines, movies and books for checkout, E-books, Audiobooks through Overdrive and access at the library to

Stop in, see all the beautiful updates to the library and you are encouraged to pick up a book and take your mind in an adventure. Remember: “The Journey of a Lifetime starts with the turning of a page.” –Rachel Anders

Fun Facts:

  • The Madison Library contains approximately 18,000 volumes and has an average annual circulation of 24,000 books
  • Children's story hour provided
  • Summer reading program
  • Fall story hour for preschoolers


11:30 AM - 7 PM | Monday - Thursday
11:30 AM - 5 PM | Friday

204 West 3rd Street

Madison, Nebraska 68748

Phone: (402) 454-3500

Library Board: (4-year terms)

Alice Scheer; President - Appointed 2011
Katie Fite - Appointed 2016
Teresa Ganskow- Appointed 2015
Jody Brandl- Appointed 2015
Marilyn Samuelson- Appointed 2017


(A) When the City Council has decided by ordinance to establish and maintain a public library and reading room under Neb.  RS  51-201  to  51-219,  and  except  as  otherwise  provided  by  the  Council pursuant to Neb. RS 51-202, the Library Board shall have 5 appointed members who shall be residents of the city and who shall serve terms of 4 years.  The Board members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the members of the City Council.  Neither the Mayor nor any member of the City Council shall be a member of the Library Board.  The terms of members serving on the effective date of a change in the number of members shall not be shortened, and any successors to those members shall be appointed as the terms of those members expire.  In cases of vacancies by resignation, removal, or otherwise, the City Council shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. No member shall receive any pay or compensation for any services rendered as a member of the Library Board.

(Neb. RS 51-202)

(B)  (1) The members of the Library Board shall immediately after their appointment meet and organize  by  electing  from their  number a president,  a secretary, and such  other  officers as  may  be necessary.  A majority of the members of the Library Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

(Neb. RS 51-204)

(2)  No member of the Board shall serve in the capacity of both the president and secretary of the Board.  It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep the full and correct minutes and records of all meetings and to file the same with the City Clerk where they shall be available for public inspection at any reasonable time.

(3)  The Board shall meet at such times as the Board may designate.  Special meetings may be held upon the call of the president or a majority of the members of the Board.

Library provisions, see Ch. 90 of this code
Local legislation regarding Library Board, see Title XVII

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