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City Government

The City of Madison has a Mayor and Council form of government. The Mayor and four council members are elected on a non-partisan ballot. The City of Madison Council meets at 6:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month in the City Council Chambers, 211 South Lincoln Street, Madison, Nebraska. The Council agenda is available online but is continuously changing (up to 24 hours before the meeting) for an update agenda please call the City Office at (402) 454-3412.

City Officials

    Alvin Brandl


    Mayor Alvin Brandl

    Elected year 2014 (4-year term)

Council Members (Elected at Large)

    Rick Schommer

    Council Member

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    Rob Fite

    Council Member

    Council Member Rob Fite

    Re-elected November 2016 (4-year term)

    Griselda Beery

    Council Member

    Council Member Griselda Beery

    Appointed to fill vacancy June 2017

    Paul Kellen

    Council Member

    Council Member Paul Kellen

    Elected November 2016 (4-year term)

    Mayoral Appointments

    Mike Brogan

    City Attorney

    Madison City Attorney Mike Brogan

    Re-Appointed November 2014

    Lori Pfeifer

    City Treasurer/Deputy City Clerk

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    Re-Appointed December 2017 (City employee since 1985)

    Kelli Dickes

    City Clerk

    Image Coming Soon

    Lori Kellen

    Bookeeper/Deputy City Treasurer

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    Rod Waterbury

    Police Chief

    Madison Police Chief Rod Waterbury

    Re-Appointed December 2017 (City employee since 1999)


    Tim Reeves

    Fire Chief

    Madison Fire Chief Tim Reeves

    Re-Appointed April 2017 (2-year term)

    Jim Lewis

    Utilities Superintendent

    Image Coming Soon

    Re-Appointed December 2017 (City employee since 1979)

    John Zwingman

    City Engineer

    Image Coming Soon

    Re-Appointed December 2017

    Advanced Consulting Engineering Services

    City Engineer

    Advanced Consulting Engineering Services

    Re-Appointed December 2016



    Interim City/Economic Development Director

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